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Center Hall
402 Kentucky Blvd.
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Mizzou Esports practices and competes in the 5,000-square-foot MSI Training Facility, located in the southwest corner of campus in Center Hall. The facility will soon be home to a 2,200 square-foot Gaming Lounge and studio. This Gaming Lounge will provide any gamer on campus with a safe and comfortable place to play games, meet other students with similar interests, study in a unique environment, find hands-on learning opportunities within the Mizzou Esports program, and unwind in an area that few college campuses have ever seen.

Varsity Equipment Specifications:

Trident 3 8th Oculux NXG251R Clutch GM50 Vigor GK60

“MSI is gaming and one of our goals is to help nurture and train tomorrow’s athletes by giving them the tools to improve and succeed,” said David Chou, Vice President of Sales at MSI. “We are honored to partner with Mizzou and are committed to seeing the team succeed not only in tournaments, but in fully developing their talents.”

Mizzou Esports inks sponsorship with MSI Gaming [LINK]