Head Coach Caleb “thebairdedlady” Heisler Juggles Raising 3-Month-Old Son and League of Legends Team

The varsity League of Legends team is so far undefeated this season under new head coach

By Lydia Donaldson

The Mizzou Varsity League of Legends team has started out their season undefeated under new coach Caleb “thebairdedlady” Heisler. With a completely new roster, the team is currently 3-0. This is Heisler’s greatest achievement as a coach so far. Upcoming games have players and fans of Mizzou eSports eager for what’s coming next. “I don’t think there’s many teams we’re going to be afraid of. I’m so excited just to compete. To get out there and learn from the losses and be happy and excited in the wins,” Hiesler says. The team is expected to be playing in the finals this coming spring. 

Heisler started playing League of Legends the second semester of his senior year of high school in 2015, during season 5. He played for about six months and then joined the army after graduating. Military service had a great impact on his life. Heisler worked as a combat medic for the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. “It was the best time of my life. I absolutely loved it. I grew up so much, learned so much, and got to meet some amazing people. People will never get to do stuff like I did. I would never change a thing. I loved it.” 

Between balancing school and coaching, Heisler also has a wife and 3-month-old son. “My greatest personal achievement is becoming a dad. It’s been everything I’ve ever dreamed of,” says Heisler. While his wife is working as a full-time teacher during the day, Heisler takes care of the baby and does schoolwork. When she gets home in the evenings, he is able to practice and focus with his team. The team usually scrimmages two to three times a week and competes in a real game about once a week. The varsity League of Legends team is so far undefeated this season under new head coach Caleb “thebairdedlady” Heisler.

Heisler is a student at University of Missouri studying for a Bachelors in business administration. He is 24-years-old and just started his third semester at Mizzou. “I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember,” he says. “My first was a Nintendo 64.” However, Heisler’s favorite game of all time is Gears of War 3, which is actually where he got his username, “thebairdedlady.” Baird was his favorite character in the game and he has been using the same username ever since.