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Kevin graduated from Mizzou in 2014 with a degree in business and began working full-time for the University of Missouri in the marketing offices of Student Affairs immediately after. In late 2018, Kevin had an opportunity to combine two things he loves, gaming and Mizzou, and began working on a plan to do collegiate esports at a level that hasn’t been seen yet. Once a Masters D.Va one-trick in Overwatch, Kevin now manages the Mizzou Esports program and plays PUBG any chance he can get.

📱 573-884-6080
🏢 MSI Training Facility, Office 1170


Brady is a current student who is pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies. In early 2019, Brady had an opportunity to join the newly formed Mizzou Esports program as a Strategic Coach for the League of Legends team. After helping the League of Legends team reach playoffs in the inaugural year, he decided that his true passion was helping the wellness and the development of the student athletes. After college, Brady wants to help shape esports at the High School level, with the idea of providing an opportunity for kids to pursue their interests through gaming.

🏢 MSI Training Facility, Office 1180


Team Rosters

SpeakEasy Head Coach
Andrew “Hal” Goewert Team Manager
Kyle “D1R3W0LF” Burton Strategic Coach
Myles “ZWE” Moise Tank
Arya “Blade” Vaid Tank
Jake “LGO” Umstead Tank
Alex “Big All” Marconescu DPS
Darian “Diamond” Hu Main Support
Jack “Skiritai” Vickers Flex
Zachary “Amaze” Hrastich Flex
Dylan “Clairvoyant” Curtiss Flex/Sub

Ethan “ethanol” Baxter Head Coach
Noah “Blanks” De Aces
Chris “Homelessbaby” Johnston
Riley “Chox” Putnam
Tristan “Nitrovity” Bennett
Christian “Crimz” VanMeter

Shawn “Cylo” Whitmore Head Coach
Demitri “Demitri ” Brown Assistant Coach
Logan “Prodigium” Alcaraz Sup
Trent “Twillie” Willbrand Mid
Robert “Kooki” Chrun Sub
Chan “PillowTouch” Kim ADC
Gelek “Flippy” Wangyal Jungle
Nicklous “Arrogant” McChesney Top