Meet the Esports Coordinator

Blake Kronsbein

Blake is a current student pursuing a degree in Business Marketing with a Marketing Analytics Certificate. In 2020, Blake joined the first Valorant roster at Mizzou and helped bring his team to second place in NACE that Fall. After an exciting and successful first semester, Blake found his passion in Esports and began to elevate the program, becoming captain the next fall and founding Mizzou Club Valorant. In spring 2023, Blake stepped into an Interim General Manager role, overseeing the competitive endeavors of Mizzou Esports, as well as promoting the Valorant Club to Mizzou Rec Club status. As Esport Coordinator and Mizzou Club Valorant President, Blake oversees five premier rosters and seven Valorant teams in the club. After graduation, Blake plans to pursue a career in Esports management, using his vast knowledge and experience to work for a professional Esports organization.

Team Rosters

Rocket League

Captain: Christian “Crimz” VanMeter
Jake “Excelst” Tiffany
Marc “Wqrped” Rosner
Coach: Jack “Ravage” Lafferty
Manager: Chris “LaCheeky” Schniepp


Captain: Dylan “clairvoyant” Curtiss
Crew “TommySalami” Gamble
Connor “iggi” Klass
Luke “kabby” Twogood
Jie “PingAnXiLe” Bao
Coach: Grant “GalactiCow” Clemmons
Manager: Christina “Stitch” Sherman


Captain: Devin “P I G G Y” Donelly
Connor “Conch” Aoun
Jack “Ponder” Ponder
Mason “WhackyPanda” Lubinsky
Alex “xelA” Cheun
Manager: Yi “Yizzle”  Zheng

League of Legends

Captain: Nick “Arrogant” McChesney
John Ransom — Utaci
Blake “GhostToasties” Lawrence
Logan “Prodigium” Alcatraz
Jae “DoraCarey1” Hyung Park
Ethan “Ethozz” Presley
Alex “yuumilover12” Zhou
Coach: Colin Rhoads — Crhoads
Coach: Graham “Unwarded” Deterding
Manager: Sam “Goliáth” Thomas

Super Smash Bros. logo

Captain: Grant “Giggles” Teters
Nathan “Raddish” Conrad
Donovan “Aethyr” Flagg
Ethan “Bus” Busse
Ben “Shmurtle” Mocarski