Esports Coordinator

Brady is a current student pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies at the University of Missouri. In early 2019, Brady had an opportunity to join the newly formed Mizzou Esports program as a Strategic Coach for the League of Legends team. After helping the team reach playoffs in their inaugural year, he decided that his true passion was helping to move the entire Mizzou Esports program toward its goals. In spring 2021, Brady stepped into an Interim General Manager role, overseeing the competitive endeavors of Mizzou Esports, as well as overseeing the opening of the new gaming café opening on campus this spring. After graduation, Brady plans to pursue teaching and esports full-time, using his vast knowledge and experience to help more students find success in-game and in the classroom.

? MSI Training Facility, Office 1180

Team Rosters

Rocket League

Captain: Christian VanMeter — Crimz
Aidan Cay — Whale
Jake Tiffany — Excelst
Coach: Chris Schniepp — LaCheeky
Manager: Rilee Stapleton — Staples


Captain: Dylan Curtiss — clairvoyant
Luke Twogood — kabby
Dalen Munro — Anarchi
Genevieve Vizcarralagos — Azure
Noah Berry — TacoBHeaven
Garrison Sloan — SonOfGarry
Ashli Kline — ashli
Manager: Christina Sherman — Stitch


Captain: Blake Kronsbein — Krinkle
Devin Donelly — P I G G Y
Caden Brown — JaCrispy
Connor Aoun — Conch
Jack Ponder — Ponder
Yi Zheng — Yizzle

League of Legends

Captain: Nicklous McChesney — Arrogant
John Ransom — Utaci
Blake Lawrence — GhostToasties
Ethan Presley — Ethozz
Jae Hyung Park — DoraCarey1
Coach: Colin Rhoads — Crhoads
Assistant Coach: Graham Deterding — Unwarded
Manager: Sam Thomas — Goliáth

Super Smash Bros. logo

Captain: Grant Teters — Giggles
Nathan Conrad — Raddish
Ethan Busse — Bus
Donovan Flagg — Aethyr
Tucker Jones — Tbone