Overwatch Combine

Mizzou Esports is hosting our inaugural Overwatch Combine for current students of all skill levels to receive coaching feedback. This combine will also be used to identify varsity tryout candidates.

How to Register:

  1. Fill out this interest form
  2. Join the Overwatch community on the Mizzou Discord
    1. #role-assign: Current Student, #game-assign: Overwatch
  3. Be available to play on Tuesday, February 9, from 5:00-8:00pm CST

Combine Process (Tuesday, February 9, 5:00pm):

  • Stage 1: Mix SR games, balanced by coaching staff
    • Possible opportunity to play with a Mizzou Esports varsity player.
    • This is designed to be a casual and interactive experience
  • Stage 2: Tiered SR games, balanced by coaching staff
    • Players will be provided feedback on their gameplay and will be connected with other students who play at their skill range.
    • Student who make the Tier 1 lobby will receive:
      • Development Plan
      • Opportunity to play with and against the varsity roster

Tryout Selection: (Thursday, February 11, 2021)

  • Stage 3: Team Trial
    • Select players will be invited to a team trial
    • Meet with coaches and provided an action plan
    • Play in maps during a scrim against an opponent
  • Stage 4: Offered to join the team
    • Participate in practices
    • Access to the facility
    • Collegiate competitive opportunities
    • Weekly coaching/VOD reviews


  • Must be a current Mizzou student with a valid student ID and email
  • Controller players must join PC lobbies

Interest Form